Maldives: Kurumba Island

30 Apr 2018, 01:04
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Maldives is a unique island nation, which consists of 1192 islands, of which about 100 are occupied by hotels, 200 live by local people, the rest are uninhabited. Due to the small size of the islands, each of them can accommodate only one object. So, the capital of Maldives - Mali is on one island. Not far from it is an island-airport, an island-dump and so on.

Tourist islands are leased to entrepreneurs who equip it at their discretion. Each tourist island is a separate hotel. Therefore, in the Maldives there are no huge multi-storey hotels with rooms in the usual sense of the word. The rooms there are separate houses (bungalows or villas) located in close proximity to the beach.

Separately it is worth noting that the construction of buildings that exceed the height of plants on the island is prohibited. The size of the hotel and the number of rooms directly depend on the area of ​​the island. Maldivians strictly monitor to prevent overpopulation, putting the comfort of tourists in the first place. This is not surprising, because tourism is the main source of state revenue.

The island of Kurumba or Vihamaanfushi, as the locals call it, is in the immediate vicinity of the airport and the capital. Transfer from the airport to the hotel takes 10-15 minutes. On this island is one of the first hotels opened in the state.

The island itself is practically the right ellipse, on the perimeter of which the rooms are located. On the west side there are bungalows, and with the eastern presidential villa and more prestigious houses with swimming pools. The island also has a dozen restaurants and bars, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a spa and a small library formed from books left by tourists.

Each bungalow has a small veranda overlooking the beach. The illusion of a small private beach is created, as other holidaymakers rarely appear on "alien" beaches. For the convenience of tourists on the beach, each bungalow has several sun loungers.

The whole territory is connected by a concrete path along the perimeter. Completely the island can be bypassed in an hour and a half. In the middle are the hostels of local staff, desalination plants and other household facilities. However, they are hidden from the eyes in the vegetation. Of course, there is no passage for tourists.

The most popular entertainment is snorkeling - viewing underwater inhabitants using a mask and a tube. Sea fishes and other representatives of fauna here more than enough. Especially a lot of them on the reef, separating the lagoon from the open sea.