To the Maldives! To rest!

To the Maldives! To rest!

26 Mar 2018, 23:03
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Maldives is a resort that is unique with its world and its pristine golden sands. This place where there are no noisy megacities, here you can find an exotic nature with endless expanses of the Indian Ocean. There are many incredible underwater caves from corals that stretch throughout the Maldives archipelago. Tropical plants create real beauty.

And tourists and their jolly swimsuits only supplement this picture. By the way, about the tourists. For them a list of excursions is provided in any hotel. The most famous are the tour of Male, with visits to monuments and the national museum. And also travel on atolls, walk on a boat equipped with a glass bottom, helicopter excursion, scuba diving, jet ski, underwater hunting and fishing. When choosing a hotel for accommodation, you must first familiarize yourself with the list of services that it offers.

Maybe there is a mass of SPA offers, then, without fail, you need to look at the network for this information. In the first days of stay on the island, be sure to use protective cream and wear hats. The tropical climate, regardless of the couple of years, is always the same. The best weather conditions are considered to be the period from November to April, because at that time the sea becomes calm, the weather is dry and sunny. The water temperature in the sea all year round is from +24 to +27 degrees.

The guests of the country must necessarily observe the laws of this country. In the Maldives, swimming is not permitted, naked, drinking various kinds of alcohol in public places, fishing is prohibited near the shore, as well as tearing off corals near the shore or in the ocean (a fine may amount to $ 500). When walking around the city, you should have appropriate clothing - trousers, a long skirt, a blouse, a shirt. It is not necessary to come into contact with local girls and women, casual acquaintances - to anything.

Travelers especially like the fish cocktail, which is flavored with coconut, chili and onions. And from the dessert you should definitely try coconut sticks.

Traveling to the Maldives will bring you much pleasure. These wonderful islands create an amazing atmosphere that will be remembered for a long time. Here you can relax and gain strength for a year. Maldives are waiting for you friends!