Travel to the Maldives

22 Mar 2018, 10:03
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Tours to the Maldives are quite deservedly considered one of the most popular exotic destinations for recreation. Actually, the Maldives are 1196 islands, most of which seem to be specially created for the most relaxing, comfortable and unforgettable rest.


Even in the most modest part of the Maldives there are all - excellent beaches, crystal water, excellent conditions for diving, and of course a high level of service. What is called - Maldives: all inclusive.

Therefore, if you decide to buy a ticket to the Maldives, even if its price does not stop you. Rest on the Maldives costs any money spent.

Equatorial climate of the island provides the most comfortable average monthly temperature throughout the year. The holiday season in the Maldives can be considered the period from November to February, when it is less humid and windy.

If we talk about who can advise a tour to the Maldives, then there are three categories of tourists. These are undoubtedly divers and surfers, lovers, and those who dream of the relaxing atmosphere of a tropical paradise.

Of the huge number of islands in the country, about 200 are inhabited, of which about 100 atolls are tourist. The local hotel system is curious - many of the atoll islands are a kind of hotel complex, that is, the territory of one hotel.

Very popular among tourists are "bungalows" - houses on stilts erected directly on the water. These houses are simply designed to spend a honeymoon in the Maldives.


If leisurely rest is not enough for you, it is easy to diversify the trip to the Maldives with numerous entertainments. Take a walk on a yacht, for example. Or fly over the atolls on a seaplane. Fans of vivid sensations will also appreciate the dive on a compact submarine. And of course traditional entertainment - fishing, surfing and diving.

Capital: Male

Official language: Maldivian.

Time difference with Moscow: 1 hour ahead of schedule.


The weather of the Maldives is a dream for everyone who loves the sun, the sea and the warmth. If you want a calm sea, a minimum of precipitation and a maximum of the sun - the ideal time to travel from November to December. Therefore, if you were just planning a trip to the Maldives in November or December, do not postpone the plans.

If the intense heat wears you, orient your trip to the Maldives from May to October. At this time, sometimes there are rains, but it is not so hot.


Since the Maldives are still islands, there is no public transport, at least in the traditional sense of the word. Movement between atolls is carried out on seaplanes, helicopters and a boat.

In Male and the resort of Gan, you can take a taxi, because as soon as there is a car connection on these two islands.

In total, two local airlines operate in the country, which not only fly to remote islands, but also provide sightseeing tours.


Directly on the islands, because almost all of them are quite small in area, you can move on foot, by bike or motorcycle.

Where to shop

A trip to the Maldives is hardly suitable for those who are looking for an active nightlife. Here, even in the capital, there are no large clubs, gambling establishments, discos and entertainment complexes.

However, in many bars and restaurants you can spend an evening with local live music, original dances and traditional performances.

The reason for the special popularity of wedding trips to the Maldives is precisely the romanticism, tranquility and relaxing atmosphere of this island country.

Where to eat

The traditional cuisine of the Maldives is a Sri Lankan and Indian gastronomic mixture. So get ready for an abundance of spices, numerous fruits and minimal, or even complete absence of vegetables.

Most recipes are based on the use of fish and rice, which are served with a variety of sauces.

On average, the bill for lunch in a decent restaurant is $ 30. The tip is about 10% of the invoice amount.

For children

Modern family hotels provide the opportunity to relax in the Maldives with a child. In such hotels there is everything to make children feel comfortable - animators, special entertainments, etc.

Holidaymakers with children will be surprised by a particularly friendly attitude and attentiveness to the needs of the child. In addition, there are no dangerous insects, snakes and other animals, which are dangerous for kids.

Maldives Tours


Doing shopping is best on Male. In local souvenir shops and shops you can buy a lacquered box, coconut oil, original crafts made of wood or national clothes.

You can take with you to the homeland a "bodu-beru" drum, unless you are frightened by its dimensions and the associated difficulties of a return flight.


Sanitation and Hygiene

Maldives is safe for health resorts. However, drinking still has bottled or boiled water to avoid the risk of contracting hepatitis A.

Optimal, if before the trip to the Maldives you will be vaccinated against this disease.


Call from the Maldives is possible and through an ordinary mobile phone connected to Russian operators. But it is cheaper still to use cards for telephone sets. On Male there are 70. It's the cheapest to make calls in the evening and at night.


- Be careful with the Maldivian sun, even in the morning. You can burn in just 15 minutes. Therefore, the headdress and light clothing will not be superfluous;

- The sand that is everywhere in the Maldives can become a serious problem after a couple of days of walking in open shoes. Try to wear closed shoes to avoid sand;

- After diving, always rinse your ears with fresh water. The fact is that accidentally fallen plankton can cause inflammation;

- Never settle under palm trees with fruits. Coconuts, of which there are a huge number, sometimes have a tendency to fall. Keep this in mind.

7 places to visit

- Muliage Palace, drowning in a magnificent garden. The palace was built especially for the son of the Sultan, who never ascended the throne;

- The Shrine of Medusiyarai is the most revered shrine in the Maldives. In the chapel, the traveler of Abu al-Barakat Yusuk al-Barbari, who in 1153 brought Islam to the state, was buried;

- Khukur Miskiy - a mosque, which is a vivid example of the skill of Maldivian architects. No matter how hard you try, you can not find the junction points of the mosque blocks, the building of its building is so perfect;

- Minnaruu Minaret, dating from the 17th century;

- Kalu Vakaru Miya Mosque, which is famous for its movements around the island. Initially, the mosque was erected opposite the National Gallery of Male, in 1970 - moved to the island of Furana, then - again returned to the capital;

- National Museum, where you can trace not only the history of the Maldives state, but also see a collection of traditional musical instruments;

- Sultan's Park - the only green island in the capital, open every day, except Friday.