Your unforgettable vacation in Spain

Your unforgettable vacation in Spain

08 Apr 2018, 21:04
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When you are going on vacation, you always want to get a lot of pleasure from traveling. I know for certain that a trip to Spain will not leave you indifferent and I will not tell you the secret that rest in Spain is famous for its bright sun, which glows affectionately 280 days a year. Spain is the only country in Europe where you can spend the whole year on the beach by the sea. In winter, you can enjoy a pleasant climate and rest on the famous Canary Islands (Tenerife), in summer, delightful natural scenery, in the Balearic Islands. The best youth parties, also located in Spain are Costa Dorada, Ibiza and Benidorm. If you dream of seeing mountains, then this is also Spain, because it is the most mountainous country in Europe, and Madrid is the capital of Spain, by right is considered the highest city. And of course a lot of impressive sights and unique cultural customs will be able to stay in your memories, always.

A lot of interesting facts can be told about this country. The most interesting of them, I'll try to tell you now.
Corrida !!! Yes, of course, Spain is famous for bullfighting. I think you know what the red color of a cloak of a matador means? If you think that this is in order to irritate the bull, then you are mistaken the bull does not distinguish colors. Red cloak is needed in order to mask the blood, so as not to injure the psyche of numerous spectators in the stands.

Yes, I also want to say that among all the animals of the local fauna of Spain, the most common are bats, they are by right a traditional symbol of beautiful Valencia.

Another Flamenco! Dance, which appeared in Spain since the 15th century, comes from Andalusia, it is a kind of dance symbol of Spain. This dance will tell all without words, you can feel love and hate, despair and joy. Flamenco is a unique dance that brightly reveals emotions and shows the way of life of the Spaniards. The dance itself is unique in that the dancer uses the whole body, while he himself does not move practically, beating his legs with a tap dance. Flamenco can only be compared with a tough and passionate bullfight.

Believe me, rest in Spain will not make you bored. The most cheerful and favorite holiday of both tourists and Spaniards is Tomato. As in 1945, on the Buñol Square, a quarrel broke out between two comrades who, in anger, started throwing tomatoes into each other. Since then, the inhabitants of Valencia have become so fond of this occupation that they decided to repeat this battle every year. In this vegetable battle, about 100 tons of ripe tomatoes take an active part every year. And if you still decide to visit Spain ... then you will have a great opportunity to take part in this fun fight).